You missed Beyondbit/Whaleshares Hangout? After party is on Discord Channel

Okay. I'm sorry my blog is turning into something else.
I'm recruiting you to meet great minds without an interview.

Just get on this discord and get to the hangouts fast:

If you are in Nigeria, I'll pay your internet fees.

Other links to follow:


  1. Hehehe.@learnandteach01 here. I like your blog keh.. I'll need tutoring on whaleshares and understanding the use of bitshares .Your offer to pay internet fees, I'm I qualified ?

    1. All the way from Steemit. Good to have you here man.
      Internet fees, you are qualified if you stay in Lagos.

      Only be present for the hangout which will take place soon.

      The idea is to share the wonderful community Beyondbit with everyone.

      You can visit to get to the youtube channel


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