How to Make Money From Blogging and Sharing Content With No Capital

While some make facebook, twitter and instagram richer, some others make themselves richer by doing the same thing somewhere else.

Knowing very well that many writers will need this information, I have decided to write this short post on my blog on Candid Article, WhaleShares  and on nairaland.

First Question
How real is this?

It is so real because I made and I'm still making good enough money from these platforms.

Second Question
Do I get paid in real money?

Yes, you get paid in real money

Third Question:
How soon can I withdraw the money?

You can withdraw the money as the platform allows you to (Usually in a 7 day period)

Different platforms employ different economic models to protect users from people who only want to steal from the economy.

As humans, we are made little creators. We are full of ideas and value but not many people find the right platform to accept our ideas.

We are constantly thinking and solving problems. We document some of our activities of mainstream social media and walk away. The next day, news tells us the owner of that popular social media site just got richer.

Have you ever given it a thought how he or she did?
Well, whenever we use their websites, we have value from the traffic we give to every bit of data we share. Every post we create, every video we watch.

We are practically employees of these platforms. Well, these platforms can not be eradicated as they have their priceless value.

However, we must note that the most valuable currency is time so spend it wisely.

Here is a list of the sites I create content on and I earn robustly

NOTE: Some take 7 days before you can be verified to start creating content, sharing value and making money in return.

You also need to verify your phone numbers before you can be allowed on the platforms.

Before I list them, you may wonder how they get the money to pay you. Well, it is through a profit sharing economic model.

Imagine if facebook's value increased becaused many people used it, what would if more people use it?

I'll list all of  them here. A shorter list is written on nairaland. I will share screen shots of my profiles here as proof.


Currently, people who have made lots of money are hosting an event tagged "Steemit in Nigeria 2" at Abuja.
Here, you share content of interest and interact just like you do on Nairaland


This has been shared by Tosyne2much on nairaland. We have both made above 2000 scorum coins in 4 months.

It is a sports media that allows you to share sports content. Soon, a commission free betting platform will make the website grow faster.


This is a website just like facebook. Anything goes. Your friends determine if you deserve to earn or not.


Weku is just like the others. It is the only one yet to be on an exchange but the activity on the site makes it a promising one.


This is the instagram version of all these platforms. I love it and I'm always looking for an opportunity to post something on SOLA

This is the strictest of them all. It is available for people outside the shores of Africa as the payment method; skill is not available in African countries yet.
However, writers can still write without earning.


This is the most controversial of them all. I'll leave you to find out what it is all about.

I have an idea of some in the project stage like weyoume and a few others.

I will be updating this post from time to time to cover them all.

Thanks for your time.

Do you want to earn some free tokens? This is courtesy of MET.

You can sell them or use them as base tokens to reward yourself on Whaleshares.


  1. Well so far so good, as a blogger have been able to earn a very substantial amount of money all this noted social platform above. Hope also you be a part of the moving train, to take you to the next great destination. I love social media Crypto platforms..

  2. Replies
    1. Yes bro. Find me on telegram. From there we proceed.


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