Business Tips: The Art of Selling

Jack Kent Cooke was a Canadian-American business man who excelled as a Salesman in his early business years.

He was 14 when he began to sell and his first mistake taught him a big lesson.

How did he start?
Close to the end of depression, Jack lived with his mother in Canada.

It was during depression and no one would buy a match stick from you. Jack needed to step out as his mum needed $2.50 to pay family telephone bill. She had no money and Jack's kind heart made him one of the successful men who ever lived.

Jack stepped out and taught himself how to sell. Selling is a quality you need to learn. Successful salesmen din't just emerge. They train hard and become excellent.

When Jack got the job, he neglected a crucial thing. He refused to read the tios attached to his portfolio on how to successfully sell the books. He felt he add good enough charm.

He felt he would persuade easily. Little did he know there was the need to learn the basics.

# Once bitten, forever wise
He failed on his first attempt of door to door sales. He was turned down and he felt bad about it. He decided to take a look at the tips and he discovered his mistake.

He wasn't prepared for the job. It was as easy as pie and he didn't know.
It took him two hours to read the tips and he applied them in his next attempt.

He sold a set and had $24.50 to take home to his mum.

So, you'll wonder. What did Jack do?
Jack followed two simple rules which are
1. Know what you are selling.
2. Sell the advantage of the product and not the product's features.
Jack sealed the book deal by asking his clients where they wanted the encyclopedia shipped to.
He got the deal and sealed it.

For me, I learned not to sell a laptop but sell it's advantages like "you can use this laptop at night because of its special  keyboard".

You work in the sun sometimes. This laptop's screen is anti-glare. You can see the screen even if there's heavy lighting in your studio.

You can run heavy software on this laptop and it will not freeze on you. That's because it has a solid 8gb RAM.

I'm lit really! 😁

Don't talk about the chip in the toaster. Talk about eating a golden brown toast bread at breakfast.

In my next post, I'll be talking about selling yourself.

This was inspired by the book, "How to talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere" by Larry King

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