The Art of Selling: How to Sell Yourself at Interviews and Job meetings

Selling is a part of life. We are all salesmen playing different roles in our different jobs.

We sell ourselves and everything we represent in our everyday job.

Some people are successful because of the way they talk while some others aren't successful.

To excel in business, you need to talk well. Talking in business have the dos and donts.

Like I mentioned yesterday on this post,, there is the need to learn about the products and services you represent. You need to know what works and what doesn't. You need to know how the products work and how they add value.

One good way to learn the basics is to educate yourself on what you want to talk about.

Educating yourself involves reading all you can and talking with like-minded people who are often colleagues and superiors capable of adding tangible and quality knowledge and ideas to your skillset.

The most important product you can sell is yourself. Sell yourself so well.

Selling yourself is as important as breathing.
Here are points I picked from reading here and there:

1. Bring your unique qualities to the table.
When you are at an interview or are about to get a job, one good thing to learn is to make yourself irresistable.

The question is, what can you do for your employee and not what the employee can do for you.
When you are at an interview or a business meeting or at a place where your services are needed. You will have to sell the idea of how you are going to do the job better and how your new boss will feel so good about you.

In this case, just like we learnt in the last post, sell your advantages and not your certifications or features.

What skills do you bring to the table? How do those skills matter? These are the things needed.

2. Be open
In other words, be friendly, be social. In the course of your business, don't be too business-like.
O yes! A little bit of charisma, friendliness, business, and openness. This way, the business is refreshing and you get to be your true self as well as be in business.

People like real people. I like real people and I'm sure you do too.

### Enthusiasm is a big factor
People who are successful in business (at work) often get their jobs because they showed enthusiasm during interviews.
Employers and businessmen prefer real people and not people who will pretend or play them.

One thing people fail to add is the fact that they care. Well, of course, not many people care. That's why many get tired of their jobs and some others quit after a while. You should care. I care.

3. Prepare for that position
Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. This simply means success is a product of good work and timing.

So, when you are to be at an interview, you should jot down your good qualities and read them over and over and be prepared.

If possible, have a mock interview before the real one. Don't leave out the possibilities of difficult questions. Provide answers and don't let yourself be surprised with questions.

4. Ask questions
This is a way you can make it a two way and an interesting one.

Don't be too anxious. Ask questions!

You should ask good questions about the company and learn about them just as they want to learn about you. It works.

Alright! Thanks for reading and I hope this helped.

These ideas were picked from the book, 'How to talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere' by Larry King.

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Thanks for reading and let's have a discussion in the comment section.

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