How to Create Gold Text in Photoshop. Step by Step Tutorial

While running your business, you may need to develop your graphics design skills in order to solve certain needs.

Let's learn how to create a gold text effect on Photoshop

originally posted on Steemit by me.

In design, we often have trouble crafting out desired inputs like gold text, animations and all.

Watch full video tutorial on dtube

Today, we are going to learn how to create a gold text effect on Photoshop.

Software used: Photoshop CS5

The latest Software is Adobe PhotoShop CC

Download Adobe Photoshop CC here

Gold Text picture tutorial.jpg

Step 1: Create a new file

Create a new file

1 new file.JPG

Step 2: Background Layer

Fill layer background with black color.

2 fill background with black.JPG

  • Click on color picker

  • Select black

  • Press Alt+Delete to fill background with foreground color.

3 Alt Delete to fill background layer.JPG


  • Use bucket tool to fill black color.


  • Select Type tool

  • Set font to Trajan Pro and size to 250 pixels
    For commercial use, download Trajan Pro from

  • Pick color and set hex color to ffa800

  • Type text and commit.
    4 new layer + type tool.JPG

5 type tool character.JPG

6 type and commit.JPG


Select blending options.
7 Click on Add layer Style.JPG

8 Select Blending Options.JPG

  • Pick 'Bevel and Emboss'

  • Set Style to 'inner bevel'

  • Technique: Smmoth

  • Depth: 225%

  • Direction: up

  • Size:10 px

  • Soften: 0

9 Edit Blending Options.JPG

  • Gloss Contour: Ring (gives it the gold look)

  • Click 'Ok'
    10 Apply gold with ring.JPG

Finally we have a gold text

11 Finally we have a gold effect.JPG

Time to add a little effect


  • Duplicate Layer

12 Duplicate text layer.JPG

  • Convert duplicate to 'Smart object': Right Click, and click on convert to smart object.

13 Convert duplicate later to smart object.JPG

  • Add layer mask

14 Add layer mask to copied layer.JPG

  • Drag down the center and Invert by right clicking and selecting "flip Vertical".

15 Drag center down 2.JPG

15 Drag center down.JPG

Right Click to select flip vertical
16 Flip copy vertical 1.JPG


  • Select Gradient tool by pressing G or selecting on the tool bar

17 Gradient tool.JPG

  • Adjust the Gradient from black to white.

18 Set gradient to shadow.JPG

  • Then drag from top of the inverted layer to middle to create a shadow-light effect.

19 Make gradient from copy centre down.JPG

  • Set the Opacity and fill to suit your desire.

20 Set Fill and Opacity.JPG

STEP 7: Adding Glitter Effect

  • Add glitter effect by selecting brush tool

21 Select brush by clicking and right clicking to select brush.JPG

  • Right Click to select soft brush and adjust the size to fit the text.

22 Brush tool.JPG

  • Set color to white and add to gold text sparingly.

23 Brush tool set opacity.JPG

  • Adjust opacity and fill to create a light-glitter feel.

23 Brush tool set opacity.JPG

STEP 8: Save Picture in desired format

24 Save file.JPG

25 Save file.JPG

Final outcome can be in any background if you wish

Black Background we worked with

Gold Text picture tutorial.jpg

Blue Background

Gold Text Tutorial.jpg

Hope you liked the tutorial and were able to learn this easily.

More Photoshop tutorials coming up shortly.

Let me know if you encountered any difficulty.

Funny thing is I got carried away by Steemit and didnt put this up on youtube.

I can't lay my hands on it at the moment.

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