Get Education, Get Life


Many say education is a scam but I say it isn't.

Name the drop-outs and I will tell you what you missed.

I watched Ray Dalio on CNN sometime ago and I felt I should share the knowledge with everyone here.

Here we, go:

So he mentioned, that
There are two economies in the world and they are in every country.

They are:

  • The Economy of the rich (40%)

  • The Economy of the others (60%)

The rich 40% spend up to 4 times as much as others on education.

Some of the spend up to 50 - 100 times than others on education. I made this discovery at a point where I was about to ditch the idea of taking more courses to learning online.

Now I know better

Education is the key. I have studied the life of many successful people and I have realized that education is the key.

Forget the successful drop-outs; many of them get solid education later in life.

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckaberg, Aliko Dangote et al. spend hours and hours on self development and training. If it were that easy, they would have also employed drop-outs.

These men employ people with skill, certificate and portfolio to back up their claim.

Education is that important.

You must be educated to the fullest. Don't be a mediocre.

The big SECRET

Here's the big secret I must reveal.
EDUCATION is a big way out of financial mediocrity.
You might not be able to afford to send yourself to the Ivy league type of schools, you might not be able to afford even the cheapest schools. The internet is a universal ground for education. It's a place where you can learn at will.

There's always an affordable facility.

The internet is my school. I learn a lot on the internet.

From Computer repairs to public speaking to even solving mathematical problems. Platforms like TedX talks, Stanford School of Business on Youtube, Havard University mathematics lectures on Youtube help people become what they want to be.

Never be fooled

Never let yourself be fooled by the illusion around you. The fact that the economy hasn't paid off doesn't mean it won't.

Only the people with quality education will eat the fruit of the land. Drop-out or not, you must invest quality time in educating yourself.

Complain less, read, learn, develop yourself. Greatness is in you. Greatness is in us all.

I know we have barriers. Let's overcome the barriers.

Life is short. Why not make an impact? You need education to make an impact.


Okay. Actions speak louder. Let's take action.

Write down two things you want to learn on a sheet of paper today and use your internet wisely.


Are you looking at taking your education to the next level?

Search for opportunities online.

Have a target

Who do you want to be addressed as in the next 2 years?

Men were not made to be mediocres. God is a creator. We are mini-creators.

I believe life is like a plain canvas on which we can paint anything we want.

Paint your life with whatever positive idea comes to mind and you will be astonished at the results.

Death is definite and I can't deny that all is useless after death. However, I would have challenged the greatness in someone. It could even be my grandchild.

Time to drop the pen.

I hope I drove in some points.

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